WHat we do

Weekly Worship – every Sunday at 10:30am, hosted at Trinity Place on Castle Street

Coffee Hour – every Sunday immediately following the Weekly Worship. 

Noon Zoom – every Wednesday (September-May) we gather to discuss and engage with a passage or portion of a written work. From the gospels to novels, memoirs to poems, there’s a wide world of words to explore! Email rectortrinitygenevany@gmail.com to sign up – you’ll receive a weekly notice of what to read and a Zoom link.

Gallery – our worship space doubles as a gallery. We work with local artists and artisans of all kinds to support their work and bring an extra vibrancy to our space and community. Gallery openings are held whenever a new artist is hosted and are open to the public. Are you an artist, or know an artist, that may be interested in working with us? Contact Us! We would love to experience and share your art.

Community Events – we have hosted intimate concerts, meetings, open mics, advocacy groups, and more!

Are you interested in hosting your event at Trinity Place? Whether an individual or group, single or recurring event, we would love to work with you! Contact Us however you feel most comfortable.

Weekly attendance not required to any event, all are welcome to attend as rarely or often as they would like.

Pictured to the right: examples of ongoing (Noon Zoom- middle) and previously held (Poetry Night- top, Yoga- bottom) programs here at TP.



We no longer offer weddings at the historic church on South Main Street. 

For more information on holding weddings or other events at Trinity Place on Castle Street, please Contact Us.

For information on holding weddings or other events at the historic church on South Main Street, now Trinity Church Inn, please contact owner Mark McGroarty. Please note, since the sale of the historic church from the parish to its new owner, Trinity Place is not affiliated with or responsible for Trinity Church Inn, Mark McGroarty, or any related properties.