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In Person at 10:30am

78 Castle Street

Online posted at 10:00 on Sunday

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We do Communion. What that means is that at the center of our weekly Sunday worship we provide the ritual sharing of bread and wine in remembrance of Jesus doing the same thing with his friends and colleagues. In fact, as we read and understand the Gospel, providing hospitality at the meal was central to who and what Jesus was all about. In a society with a rigid caste system that separated people by gender, age, income, and religion the fact that Jesus hosted a table open to all – including the one who betrayed him – is challenging and provocative. We rehearse the same thing each week.


At Trinity, preaching matters. It is not the dispensing of doctrine, dogma, and morality and insisting upon everyone believing in and following a party line. Rather, our preaching invites the hearers to allow their thoughts to follow the word or whisper they hear in the course of the sermon – whether or not it is what the preacher is actually saying. Preaching is a relationship between the life of the preacher opening to his or her life to the lives of the hearers, who in turn open themselves to the sermon.

Weekly sermons are posted and accessible via a dropdown on our main page, or for sermons and additional spiritual writings you can visit The Rev. Cameron Miller’s website: www.subversivepreacher.org.


Lisa Gibson is our gifted and talented pianist who provides both accompaniment for congregational singing and meditative interludes, both in person and for our YouTube worship videos.

At Trinity Place the congregation is the choir. We welcome people to sing at their own level of comfort but hope people will join in as unself-consciously as singing in the shower.

Trinity also has a proud tradition of offering special concerts for the larger community and welcoming musicians from Western and Central NY, as well as some groups from NYC.

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