Trinity Place, An Open Space for Growth, Wellness, Healing, & the Arts

“Open Space” means open and inclusive, welcoming the Geneva and FLX community to use our space, and to partner with us in building an inclusive community for spiritual inquiry and wellness. 

“Growth, Wellness, Healing, & the Arts” means we are pointed toward a particular dimension of life, specifically that which strengthens the relationship of body, mind, and spirit. 

Trinity is a Christian community of worship and spiritual practice welcoming all, and an Episcopal Church in particular. However, we welcome all spiritual traditions and those who have no particular spiritual background but are engaged in a mission consistent with ours. We are looking for partners in mission not members (although we love to welcome new members too).

Established in 1806, Trinity Church has been a strong part of our immediate community of Geneva, NY. Events of all sorts, weddings, funerals, and other ceremonies were hosted in our old home on South Main Street.

Now, in our new home on Castle Street, we continue to reach out our hand to help our neighbors in times of need and aim to bolster the neighborhood by hosting events of all kinds. In Geneva, this includes participating in food drives, art walks, sometimes advocacy as in marches and protests, cultural exposés, and more.

Of course, not all of our community lives in Geneva proper. We have congregants that come to worship and attend events from across the Finger Lakes region.

Even further afield, Trinity is a member of the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester which includes congregations from Hilton to Corning, from Addison to Odessa. This larger community allows us to connect with others across the state which is a vital resource for every parish involved.