Every Sunday, we gather in an intimate worship space that we have lovingly cultivated over the past several of years.

Once we worshipped in the beautiful historic building at 520 South Main Street, but our community and its needs changed. So after a thoughtful and thorough discernment process, as a community we chose to move into our cozy space in downtown on Castle Street. (Right across from the Post Office and Linden Street).

The building we are in was first a YMCA but most recently a wine bar. We kept the bar! This incarnation of Trinity has been community-led from the start. It allows us the flexibility to reimagine our space for any kind  of worship, meetings, events, and more. 

Whether we are creating a unique kind of worship (like the table Communion shown above) or evoke a close-knit communal gathering (right), we embrace the ebb and flow, the shifting currents of life, and what it brings for our community.

Our roots date back to 1806 when our congregation was first established, and even further back of course, when considering our worship tradition dates to the second century or so.

We honor our roots with the hope and goal to continue to grow, expanding our community and the impact we have in Geneva, the Finger Lakes, and maybe even beyond that.

We love our home on Castle Street just as that big old building on South Main Street continues to have a place in our hearts. But we are still adapting and still changing. We have drawn up goals to create additional micro-churches centered around regular meals together, and another in a worship space that looks more like what people think of as “Church” – all while continuing to grow and worship at Trinity Place.

If you want to learn more about our goals, visit our About page, or Contact Us directly.