Community members preparing for community service during the pandemic.

Welcome to Trinity Place, Geneva, NY.

We are a spiritual community in the tradition of The Episcopal Church. If you are new to Geneva or a longtime resident and looking for a spiritual home, we extend the hand of fellowship to you.

)ur lead musician Lisa Gibson playing in the Geneva MLK Day worship at Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church.

Micro Church 

In addition to wineries, we are surrounded by micro breweries too. Trinity is a micro church, meaning that we have an intimate worship space and by intention, do not own property or have a lot of “stuff” to weight us down. We can morph and change as we need to, or as the community changes within and around us.

In 2018 we moved from a huge historic Neo-gothic church building, worshipping by the traditional customs of The Episcopal Church in a formal sanctuary, to a an intimate and elegant storefront where we have innovated our worship style as well as our spiritual practice. Nearly half of our congregation is new to Trinity since 2016 when we began to open the future to hear a new song. So we have been renovated from the inside out as a community even as we shed our outside buildings. Not only do we practice change, change is our practice in many ways.

Trinity Place

Trinity Place is an outreach program of Trinity Church, an open and inclusive space not requiring any religious affiliation on the part of those using it. Our parish office and “the bar” are located adjacent to the worship space, and we offer its use to any program or organization that shares our greater mission.

We hope you will come find your place with us. Contact Us to find out where you might like to jump or ease your way in.

Trinity Place is located at the confluence of Linden and Castle Streets, right across from the Post Office, it is at the center of the restaurant and entertainment district of Geneva where we offer, “an open space for growth, wellness, healing, and the arts.”

We have invited the larger community to use Trinity Place, TP, for a variety of programs and uses, and have held small concerts, meetings, and used it as gallery space. We worship there, too, of course.

We have been blessed with an abundance of opportunities and we wish to share that blessing while building a community of friendship and spiritual nurture through our home at Trinity Place. Join us!

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission 

We are a spiritual community seeking to live the gospel with integrity.

Our Values

The four components of our community life and the values that guide how we practice them.

Adaptive Worship
New traditions with ancient roots

Open Hospitality
Welcoming all to the table

Personal Transformation
Searching, Healing, Growing

Collaborative Outreach
Supporting & Partnering locally, nationally, and internationally

Growth and Goals

Where we are now: Micro Church at Trinity Place

Where aim to be in a year: Create a second Micro-Church that meets at TP during the week.

Where we aim to be in five years: Create a third Micro Church, worshipping in the newly opened chancel at 520 S. Main.

This model consists of spiritual communities that are not designed to grow “big,” rather, to capitalize on the intimacy of a strong sense of connection. Participants may join in more than one or migrate between communities, but each would have a unique culture aimed toward a particular social niche in Geneva and the Finger Lakes.

However, the design of this model would aim for all three communities to become dependent upon one another through shared resources that, together, would be greater than what any one of them is capable of doing.