Like all Episcopal congregations, we are led by a council called the “vestry.” It is an old British term reflecting the original cultural heritage of The Episcopal Church, which has since diversified and moved beyond its Colonial roots. Like the founding fathers and mothers of The Episcopal Church that also constituted the origins of the nation, Trinity democratically elects the vestry at an Annual Meeting and they, along with the priest and staff, lead the congregation.

Parish Life

A constellation of ad hoc committees form, change, die, and reform as needed to provide for coffee hour, pastoral concerns, program, outreach, and worship. You are very welcome to join in!

How you can be involved at Trinity Place:

  • Worship, in person or online
  • Sunday morning engagement as Altar Guild, Reader, Greeter, or Coffee Hour host
  • Wednesday Noon Book Zoom
  • Help with special events like Gallery Openings
  • Community Lunch volunteer
  • Pub Theology
  • Pop-up Prayers
  • Post-worship discussions
  • Attend HWS and Community Events together
  • Get involved with the diocese
  • And More!

We hope you will come find your place with us. Contact Us to find out where you might like to jump or ease your way in.

Lisa Gibson, pianist, serenading our congregants during one of our summer Tent Worships.